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by manylaughs on October 29, 2013

So I’m on vacation in Australia (I have housesitters, so that info does you no good.). I decided to take in an exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. It was fun to do, very interesting. Most of the exhibit was focused on the development of motion pictures, but there was a small portion dedicated to digital imagery and video games.

For some reason, they decided to include a few games from the dawn of video gaming. You know, the usual suspects – Pong, Space Invaders, that sort of thing. No Donkey Kong, though, that I saw, but there was a Mario Brothers. It was a pretty weak display of video games and certainly wasn’t much of a history. But minor kudos, I guess, for making the effort.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a weak effort by the museum staff. Here’s a picture of the game they titled Missile Command. In case you don’t know, that’s not Missile Command, that’s Tempest. Missile Command a lot more fun. It was probably a mix up of the display, since the Missile Command track ball is there, but still not the kind of goof up you expect in a museum quality exhibition.



I was also a bit disappointed that there was no machinima.


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