GW2: Too much stuff

by manylaughs on December 10, 2013


For more than a year, ever since I first bought Guild Wars 2, I haven’t sunk another dime into the game. Whenever I’ve wanted something, I converted in-game gold to gems and bought what I needed. Well, I think that’s over. Now, there are new faces, new expansions for collections, new armor, new… well, lots of new stuff I want and I don’t think I have the patience to wait to pay for it all with gold from the game. Plus, I have to level up my crafters to make ascended gear and that’s going to take my in-game gold, so… For the first time since I bought the game, I think I’ll actually pay real life money for some things I need.

If ArenaNet can get me to spend money, you know they’re making some sweet cash on this game. Come to think of it, my elementalist needs so new threads.

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