GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Day 8

by manylaughs on January 10, 2014

Cash flow is critical to building your fortune

Yesterday, we touched on this. You can sell very high-profit items, but if they take days or weeks to sell, you’re going to have trouble building up your stack of gold. It’s a cliche, sure, but your money has to work for you. It’s better to sell lots of low-profit thing that sell quickly than to sell high-profit stuff that takes forever to move.

Yesterday, I decided to try a little experiment, just to prove this point. It cost me some gold and that impacted my total, but I thought it was a point worth exploring.

If you look under Cook on, you’ll notice that the highest profit items tend to be feasts of food. With that in mind, I got the recipe for a Feast of Fancy Veggie Pizzas. A feast of food is a simple recipe to get, it just costs money, skill points and mystic coins.

Ingredients for a Feast of Omnomberry Bars
Omnomberry Bar.png
 Omnomberry Bar
Bottle of Elonian Wine.png
 Bottle of Elonian Wine
Mystic Coin.png
 Mystic Coin

The wine costs about 4.25 gold. A Mystic Coin sells for about 1.6 silver, so about 80 silver for 50 coins – no big deal. All told about 5 gold for each recipe, plus 12 skill point for 20 crystals. I also made a recipe of Omnomberry Pies.

I made 10 Feast of Fancy Veggie Pizzas and I put them on the trading post at different price points, some above the current selling price, some below. Guess what. It’s over a 24 hours later and they haven’t moved at all. I also put up the recipe for the Omnomberry Pies. It hasn’t sold either. So my investment of 9 gold and 24 skill points has so far yielded me squat.

I suspect food, not feasts of food, sells better. I’ll just put up my pies and pizza solo from now on.

Keep your cash churning. Sell what moves quickly. Or you’ll end up with a stagnant or decreasing cash total like mine, below.


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