GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Investing for the future

by manylaughs on January 24, 2014

Life is a gamble. Any decision you make whether to go to college or accept a particular job has a direct impact on your future. If you’re smart, you try to plan ahead and do what’s best for you. But if that hurricane comes along or Life serves you a nasty plate of bad luck, all the planning in the world won’t help you. All the same, you can avoid the most common pitfalls by making prudent choices – saving, getting an education, etc. – and most of the time these choices will pay off.

The same is true of investing for the future in Guild Wars 2. There are certain investments that almost always pay off in the future in the game. Usually these are special event items, such as recipes, minis, and skins that go away when the special event is done. You need look no farther than the rising price of the mini toxic krait and the recipe for the Light of Dwayna for your proof.

While there are no guarantees, I’m “investing” in Zealot recipes which are dropping in this event. I’m not spending a ton of money on them, but I am buying them. You might be prudent to do the same. After all, it’s your Guild Wars 2 future we’re talking about.

A very small increase in my gold, today. I was buying recipes. : )

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