GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Getting richer in spite of myself

by manylaughs on February 12, 2014

I spent a lot of gold, yesterday. I decided to finish leveling my weaponsmith to 500. There was no other reason for this than wanting to make cool weapons for my thief and elementalist.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any point in leveling your weaponsmithing to 500 except to make ascended goodies exclusively for yourself. With tailoring you can sell 500 level ascended crafting components, such as shoe soles, but it doesn’t seem possible with weaponsmith – everything appears to be account bound.

Anyway, I fully expected to be down, today. Leveling my weaponsmithing to 500 cost me around 20 gold and I was already close at the time, around 485. Insane, right? Another 20 gold just to go up 15 crafting points.

Oh, well, it’s done, and my gold still went up. I got lucky, yesterday. I dumped some sigils and runes in the Forge (I don’t recommend this. I’ll talk about my hypocrisy, later.) and came away a Superior Sigil of Bloodlust which is worth around 8 gold, plus I got a Silver Doubloon as a world drop. The doubloons sell for around 1 gold 70 silver – people need them for one of the legendaries and they need lots of them. The rest of my spending was just made up the old-fashioned way – I made stuff and sold it.


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