GW2: Going for 1000 gold – What should you buy, now?

by manylaughs on February 21, 2014

What should you buy, now?

Get the minis, of course. There are 3 minis with this event:


The Magnus mini drops from Bags of Alliance Supplies. Mai Trin and Marjory Delaqua are only available from Black Lion chests. Unless you’re addicted to opening up BL chests, like someone I know (me), just buy them off the trading post. During the event, they’ll be cheaper.

The recipes don’t excite me much. They’re expensive and expensive to make. I’ll buy them, anyway, since I have the money, but I’m not too keen on them as an investment.


Honestly, they all seem to cost too much to buy and the recipes cost a lot to make, so I’m not sure they’ll be in high demand. I’ll buy them for my crafting, but I won’t get extras to sell.

The endless quaggan tonics might be a good bet. The price of them is collapsing as people farm the event. This is a good time to buy them. I’m waiting a day or two, longer, but I’ll probably get a few of these. I already have two of them from drops, so you know they’re going to be fairly common. Don’t pay more than a gold piece for these, and get them for less if you can.


I’m starting to buy a lot of things for this event, so I don’t think you’ll see another healthy pop in my gold, tomorrow. I bought a Mini Marjory Delaqua, today. I have no intention of selling her. : ) There’s no point in having all this gold if you’re not going to have some fun with it. Geez, it’s not like you have to save it for your kids.


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