GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Patience

by manylaughs on February 23, 2014

As I’ve said, before, having patience is critical to maintaining and making gold.

I’ve decided to make myself the ascended version of the Spinal Blades Backpiece. The mats alone are going to cost about 50 gold – pretty cheap for an ascended backpiece – and that’s only if you go with Leatherwork to make the Gift of Blades. Leatherwork is by far the cheapest option. Armorsmith would require deldrimor steel – it costs twice what elonian leather does – and Tailor would require damask – more than 3 times the cost of elonian leather. Also, I already have enough elonian leather on hand, so there’s no need to buy mats to make it.

However, my tailor is was only at 460, so yesterday I spent a lot of gold leveling my tailor. Easily 20 gold on mats, especially the T6 mats. I managed to get my tailor up to 490. I stopped there for the day.

Not everything needs to be done, today. I don’t need to Spinal Blades Backpiece, today. I can wait until I’ve made some more gold. Patience. Don’t drain your gold supply too much in pursuit of something if you can wait.

Exercising a little patience, while spending a lot of gold, I still managed to increase my gold supply.

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