GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Get your Lovestruck skin, now

by manylaughs on February 26, 2014

Do you have a Black Lion Claim Ticket?

You might want want to get a Lovestruck Weapon Skin, this week. After this week, they’re no longer going to be available at the introductory price of 1 claim ticket.

The price on the trading post for these is around 50-60 gold, reflecting the current price of one claim ticket. Those prices are almost certain to go up, too, but I wouldn’t recommend putting that much gold into buying these, and I absolutely don’t if your gold isn’t in the hundreds. The thing is skins are expensive. It’s an investment for people who have lots of money.

Yes, the price on these is likely to go up with the cost of the Black Lion price, maybe doubling or tripling, but if you don’t have a lot of gold don’t empty your account for this. I have a lot of gold, now, clearly, and I’m only going to get one skin, maybe two, and I’m going to use a claim ticket for that. After all, I’m going for 1000 gold.

If you’re going to buy one as an investment, get the most expensive one, in this case the Lovestruck Staff Skin. The most expensive skins are that way for a reason: they’re the most popular. That means they’ll probably go up in price faster and sell better than the other ones.

I’m getting the hammer for my warrior, though. I think it’s an awesome skin.

I’m over 800, now.


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