GW2: How to make 1000 gold – Investments take patience

by manylaughs on March 13, 2014

You’re not the only one who sees those Tormented Skins and thinks they’d make a good investment. It doesn’t take an Asuran portal scientist to figure out that some things are very likely to rise in value in the future.

But investment are often not for the weak of heart and particularly not those without patience. Here’s what the Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa was selling for yesterday:

That’s less than half what they were selling for during the Marionette event. People are starting to dump these on the market, driving down the price. That means people bought these – some probably bought them by the dozen – stashed them away, and, now, they’re getting impatient and want their gold. Geez, it’s been almost a month already. Where are my profits?!

A lot of these sellers are probably losing money. And that’s the thing: Investments can look bad in the short term. If you don’t have patience, you’re going to lose money.

But the Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa is cute and people like it. Demand will probably stay high for it, so as the supply of these dries up they’ll go back up in price, again. It just  might take months.

Months? Yeah, months. Hope you have patience.

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