GW2: How to make 1000 gold – Black Lion Key rewards

by manylaughs on March 15, 2014


As I’ve mentioned, you get Black Lion Keys from doing your personal story. I decided to do some research, not a lot, just a little reading of the wiki.

It turns out Black Lion Keys are awarded at 3 points in your personal story: level 10, level 30 or 31, and level 50.

If you’re only interested in getting the keys, there’s no point in doing the story after the Battle for Claw Island, the level 50 quest in your personal story. I’ve known some people who “farm” the first ten levels of their story. They get the key, delete the character, then do it all over, again. If you don’t mind the monotony of this, it’s worth doing.

Black Lion Keys are also possible as a map completion reward (The wiki says they’re rare, but I’ve gotten them fairly often for map completions.), the daily reward (I’ve never gotten a key as a daily reward.), and very rarely from foes (I’ve had 3 keys drop in-world in more than a year of playing Guild Wars.)


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