GW2: How to make 1000 gold – Sell the news

by manylaughs on March 22, 2014

Superior Sigil of Air trading price.


“Buy the rumor, sell the news” is a famous saying on Wall Street. The financial world is full of all sorts of pithy, clever sayings almost all of which will lose you money if you follow them.

Buy the rumor? Seriously? If you don’t know by now that people try to influence the price of stocks with false rumors, then you haven’t been reading the news. Fraud, misconception, and unsubstantiated rumor are the stock-in-trade of Wall Street. If you buy the rumor, you are what P. T. Barnum would’ve called a sucker.

However, definitely sell the news. Well, sell the good news and buy the bad. Stock prices almost always overreact to news, either good or bad. So people, really following the rest of the lemmings, tend to do what everyone else does and cause a stock price to jump based some special news. If you’re smart, you take advantage of this.

Yesterday, ArenaNet had some news, news about sigils and runes. They’re going to change the way they work. Suckers – ahem, people – went nuts. In just a short time the price of various runes and sigils went from trash prices to sweet prices. Superior Sigil of Air went from about 20 silver to over 2 gold.

If you’re smart, you sold the news. If you bought the news… Well, you know what you are. Just ask P. T. Barnum.

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