GW2: How to make 1000 gold – Account-wide dyes

by manylaughs on March 27, 2014

Starting with the April 2014 Feature Pack dyes will become account-based. When you unlock a dye, you’ll be able to use it on all your characters.

That’s great, but ArenaNet is going after the supply of dye, too. The seem to want you to believe the cost of dyes will go down:

“With dyes becoming account unlocks, the demand for dye will decrease and unidentified dyes will no longer drop as loot but will still be available from the Mystic Forge and select in-game rewards.”

It won’t.

The cost of dyes will go up. They’ve already gone up on the trading post. On the day of the announcement about account dyes, common dyes jumped from about 2 silver to about 30 silver. They’ve come down a little since then, but they’re still selling around 20 silver.

Beige dye jumped in price.


Dyes drop regularly, probably once or twice a day for the average player. That means there are probably thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dyes that come into the game every day. Now, ArenaNet is taking those drops away.

Depending on what they mean by making dyes “available from the Mystic Forge and select in-game rewards…”, be prepared for dyes to go up significantly.

In the next post, I’ll talk some about how you can prepare and possibly profit from this.

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