GW2: How to make 1000 gold – The rising price of Mini Magnus

by manylaughs on April 10, 2014

Let’s file this one under I-told-you-so. I told you the Mini Captain Magnus was undervalued.

The price of Mini Captain Magnus continues to go up, rising to over a gold, now, and, frankly, still undervalued at that price. During the Escape from Lion’s Arch Living World event, this mini traded for less than 50 silver at times. That defied all reason.

Mini Captain Magnus is still an exotic and was probably harder to come by than some other exotics from recent events, but, probably due to the fact the character is a complete ass, this exotic mini was extremely cheap. People didn’t want him.

But now demand is beginning to take hold. People have decided they want him for their mini collections and the price is going up. I think there’s even the possibility this mini could take on a bit of ugly desirability: People will want it exactly because people didn’t want it, before.

Even at the current price of around one gold, they’re probably still worth buying and socking away.

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