GW2: How to make 1000 gold – Rising mat prices

by manylaughs on April 19, 2014


If you’re looking to make money off something, you often try to predict where the market is going. You don’t need any special powers of prognostication to do this. It’s often pretty easy to do. Let’s take the case of dailies.

With the April update to Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet made a whole lot of changes to the game. One of these changes was to the daily tasks you have to do to complete you daily. In particular, gathering mats is not a recurring daily requirement, anymore. Completing the gathering task for the daily was probably the easiest one you could except for visiting the laurel vendor. It took about one minute to gather all the mats you needed to complete this requirement. It also helped pump more mats into the requirement, every day.

That’s not going to happen, anymore. And what happens when the supply of something goes down? Yeps, that’s right, prices go up. See, no crystal ball necessary. Just some common sense.

It’s clear to me ArenaNet thinks there’s too much gold in the game – I’d agree – and this is another way they’re going to drive up prices.

Can you profit off this? Of course. Hoard mats for a while. Take something that’s in demand, but doesn’t cost a whole lot, right now, and stockpile it. I would expect 80 level mats, in particular, to go up in price, mats easily acquired in endgame zones. I think you’ll see Mithril Ore and Elder Wood Logs go up a bit in price, for instance. If all the 80s aren’t gathering every day, now, the supply of these common mats is going to go down and, yeps, the price of them should go up.

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