GW2: How to make 1000 gold – What to buy from the festival

by manylaughs on May 22, 2014

The Festival of the Four Winds is here. Yay! Hope you’re having fun. I am, though I’m already getting a bit tired of the Boss Blitz. It’s more annoying than challenging.

But let’s talk about making some gold. What should you buy?

The answer to that is the baby panda. : )


Yes, get a couple of fun things first. Just complete the meta for the Festival of the Four Winds and you’ll have everything you need to get some nice things. Buy an armor skin or a back piece or one of the minis. Whatever has caught your eye. You should always treat yourself, first.

After you’ve bought a couple of things for yourself, you should get the two resource nodes that are available from the merchant at Labyrinthine Cliffs. There’s one for Candy Corn and one for Quartz Crystals. They’re an amazing bargain for only 400 festival tokens. Any resource node is worth buying, if it’s offered, but these are especially attractive. Candy Corn is only around during Halloween and the Quartz Crystals only are available during Living World events. Buy these and get yourself a continuous source of these fairly rare mats. Even if you don’t use the mats, you can always sell them.

Is there anything else to buy?

It doesn’t look like it. Most of the stuff is account bound. You could buy the Celestial recipes in bulk – they’re plentiful and cheap, now – and hope they go up, but I wouldn’t do that. I just think ArenaNet has been reintroducing recipes too often and that makes most recipes very iffy. Recipes are starting to look like bad investments. Get them for your crafting, but don’t invest in them.

Aside from that, nothing else has caught my money making attention, yet. So have fun, and don’t forget to get your baby panda!

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