GW2: Save some silver – craft in WvW

by manylaughs on July 9, 2014

Do you craft in one of the cities? Depending on where you are in Tyria, it can cost you as much as 3 silver to waypoint to the closest city to craft. On average, it probably costs you a couple of silver. Do that trip a couple of times a day and you can be talking half a gold you’re spending jumping around just to craft.

Did you know you can craft in WvW and it doesn’t cost you a single copper piece to get there?

If you new to Guild Wars 2 or you don’t spend much time in WvW, you might have missed this one. Just click on the keep icon – also B on the keyboard – to bring up your WvW options. Select your server’s borderlands, and your crafting stations await. Just look for them on the map. As an added bonus, all the stations are nicer centered. WvW is arguably the most convenient place to craft in the game.

Since every WvW zone has a Lion’s Arch gate, you can also use this trick as a way to get to LA without spending any silver.

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