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Noir: Night traffic

One thing I like to do, since getting my camera, is to take the camera out someplace and just take photos. If you’re planning on being a photographer and improve your work, you just have to do stuff like this. For me, I’m trying to make photography part of my life. I’m trying to take photos every day, and I’m trying to learn more about photography and art, in general, every day.

Hokusai–the guy who did the Great Wave off Kanagawa–felt he was constantly working to understand his art and even after ninety years of creation he had yet to reach “artistic immortality”. For him, for any artist, art was a constant learning process.

So I try to take photos every day and learn from them when I do. I know what I’m doing now, will probably look like dreck to me in a few years, but I have to start somewhere.

Recently, I went downtown to meet a friend and I took my camera with me. My camera goes with me a lot, now. I don’t think I got many good photos that night, but I do like this street scene. I love the lights and sense of motion.

I don’t think it’s dreck. At least, not now. : )


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