Colors: 1829 L Street

Photography isn’t just about taking photos.

Is that a bit of a jarring statement?

Let’s put it another way: Photography is about taking photos and developing them.

In the past, photographers shot on film and developed their photos in the dark room. These days, most photographers take their photos, then “develop” them in Lightroom and Photoshop or a similar products.

At the moment, I only use Lightroom, and just the free version. I’m not exactly a beginner with graphics programs, but I am when using them for post-processing photos.

Right now, I’m finding my way with Lightroom. At the moment, I recognize I’m drawn to high-contrast, bold photos. Maybe this will always be the way or maybe this will change as my work matures.

I realize these images of 1829 L Street–today’s and yesterday’s–are very blue, very high-contrast. I like them at the moment. Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll be working with more subtlety. Lots of maybes.

Today’s photo is another view of the same image as yesterday. In this case, I’ve brought the viewer in closer, making it a bit more intimate. I’ve also cropped out any other colors, making the scene entirely blues and blacks. I think I prefer this one over yesterday’s, but they both have their strengths.




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