Portraiture: Lunch at the Montreal cafe

This photo was taken at a cafe in Montreal. There was nothing really special about the photo to begin with. Originally, it was your typical head shot, nothing too interesting. But then I saw the reflection in the sunglasses.

In post-processing, I made this photo something else: I made it an extreme closeup, reflection shot. It’s not a great photo, but I think it’s fun. You can see the cafe and the remnants of our lunch reflected in the lens.

I love reflections. That’s not uncommon for photographers. They’re always shooting reflections in mirrors or water or glasses or anything they can find that reflects light.

While I’m not crazy about this photo, I do think it’s a nice example of how you can take blah image (i.e. the original shoulders and head shot.) and make it more interesting by cropping and framing it. In this case, I cropped the image to the reflection in the sunglasses.



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