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Gold: Golden dryad

Lots of geometry in this one. I love all the sweeping curves.

This is a closeup of the fountain in the Venetian’s lobby in Las Vegas. Of course, it’s in gold.

The fountain is a gyroscope and this nymph is the central figure, looking down on everyone transiting the lobby on their way to lose their own gold. The hotel’s casino is down the hallway you can see in yesterday’s image. You can see another part of this fountain in that image, too.

I do wish I had taken more photos of this fountain. At the time, I didn’t totally appreciate the beautiful, sweeping geometry of it and how it complimented the surrounding decor and architecture. You can see a little of what I mean in this photo: The curves of the gyroscope that surround the fountain’s dryad (It’s a fountain; she’s probably a dryad.) echo the rounding curves of the rotunda above the fountain.


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