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More Vegas: Photo fail

I have a ton of photos from Vegas, and many of them I like. Vegas is a great place for taking photos, but, for me, I’m not going to rush back. It’s not my kind of place–I don’t gamble and the lack of smoking laws means I have to shower like 5 times a day. But it is a great place to take photos–the light is great and there are lots of fun locations. They’re all fake, and they certainly have that veneer of unreality, sorta like taking photos in Disney World, but they’re still fun.

This photo was taken inside a very fake venue, the Paris Casino. There’s a recreation of the Eiffel Tower outside, which I’m sure people take tons of photos of. I only got a couple. I took many more inside. This one is of two lovers in a window, a recreation of a scene from a love story, perhaps. They’re silhouettes, not real people, but who needs real when you’re in Vegas? (Does anyone else think they should just make Vegas the unofficial capital of the USA?)

Something went wrong with the focus or the lighting, I’m not sure which, but I ended up with this image. It’s not what I intended and is really a mistake, but sometimes mistakes are good. I really like this mistake.


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