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More Vegas: In the shadows of the Doge’s colonnade

There are just so many photos in Las Vegas, so many great locations for shoots. But it all has a faux nature to it: so much there is overly opulent or a replica of something else. This is a photo of the colonnade at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. It’s a great place for photos, but it’s also a prime example of this play land for adults quality.

The Venetian copies various landmarks from Venice. I guess this colonnade is suppose to remind people of the colonnade outside the Doge’s palace in Venice. And that’s the problem. It kind of does, but it’s a sad echo of the original. But it does make for some nice photos: You have to love those columns and shadows. It’s just that most of the photos I took in Vegas have this faux feel to them, like they really are sad echos of a better reality.



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