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Nature: Maudlin mushrooms

I have a lot of photos that aren’t getting posted. Usually, I try to take the best of the best, or maybe in my case it’s more like the best of the mediocre. You can be the judge of that.

Sometimes I post a photo I don’t think has issues, for instructional purposes, but usually I’m posting my better work.

But I have lots of photos, now, I think are pretty good and worth looking at, so this week is about catching up, a bit.

Soon, I hope to have a gallery option, then I can just post photos to the gallery. And maybe I’ll even install WooCommerce and try to sell one or two. Who knows?

Here are some late-season mushrooms I found growing on a stump. Most of the other mushrooms were gone at the point of the year when I took this photo. They felt a little sad to me.

I took this almost a month ago, though. I think it’s a nice macro photo, but never quite got around to posting it. So here it is.


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