Odds and ends: On the way to Georgetown Glow

I don’t have a theme this week; I thought I’d catch up on some photos that I think are kinda nice, but might not fit into a theme.

This photo is from an event in DC called Georgetown Glow. It features street installation using light and color in various ways. I got a bunch of photos from the event, brought them home, and only liked a few of them.

You’d think an event with light and color would be great for me, but I guess the photography force wasn’t with me that day.

I did get a few that I liked. This is one of them, this couple walking, together, on their way to one of the installations. I like the shiny traffic line leading the way and the lights in the distance, while the couple, themselves, still reside in darkness.

Maybe once they get to the end of their journey they find light.


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