Doors and windows: Beyond the window

As I mentioned, earlier, doors and windows (and other elements) are transition spaces: they separate us from other spaces. I think this is particularly emphasized in today’s image, Beyond the window.

I’ve intentionally titled the piece to emphasize the divide between the world inside and outside. I’ve tried to make the viewer feel this with the way the photo is composed.

There are a few things going on, but it’s not good, as an artist to over-analyze your own photos. However, the tones and the angle of the photo are intentional.

Inside, the tones are muted and more natural, while the outside is brighter, yet somewhat unreal.

The low angle also gives a feeling of being weak, perhaps trapped. The window looms overhead, but you can’t reach it, denying you a view of what’s outside.

All you can see are the barren branches of a tree against the bright, blue sky. What’s beyond the window?


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