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Silhouette: Tree silhouette and cloud

So I’m back (I hope.). I’ve been pondering what to do with this site and that sort of led to a break in my posting. I apologize for that. I’ve decided to keep posting, while I figure out where I’m going with this site.

This photo is a great example of two things I love: randomness and silhouettes. Life is random and that little cloud peeking into the frame is random, too. The cloud makes the silhouette of the tree branch — yes, it’s intentionally stretching from one corner of the frame to the other — more interesting. The white, puffy cloud provides a little contrast to the black branch of the tree.

I don’t always have the final product in mind when I take a photo like this, but my brain is considering the composition of the shot. If I’m lucky, that composition turns into something better in post-processing.


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