Guild Wars 2: 5 reasons you’re bored – Reason 4

by manylaughs on March 2, 2013

4. You’re bored with looking for a group

Why does any MMO launch without an instance finder? Is there really an excuse for not having one, now? Worse, yet, is there any excuse for not having a looking-for-group chat channel, if the game doesn’t have an instance finder?

Guild Wars 2 allows you to guest on other servers, i.e. play with other people on other servers, but for some reason they can’t manage to implement an instance finder for dungeon runs. And to make matters extra aggravating, there’s no looking-for-group chat channel. Without a chat channel, you can’t go off and play the game, while watching or occasionally spamming the LFG channel. You have to go to Lion’s Arch and spam and watch map chat. The sad result, then, is that if you want to run a dungeon or Fractals of the Mists, you end up spending time in the game doing nothing but hanging out in Lion’s Arch.

There is a site you can use, but if you use it you’ll discover fast enough it’s a poor substitute for a real instance finder. It can work, so definitely use it, but if you want to run a dungeon, you’re still going to have to hang out in LA, basically doing nothing.

And you might be spamming and waiting a long, long time. As the game gets older, it’s getting harder to get dungeon runs for anything other than the shorter dungeons. People are saying that can’t get groups, at all, for dungeons like Crucible of Eternity. (It has great gear, very steam punk. So some people want to run it. But it can be a long dungeon to run, so most people don’t want to do it.)

Without an instance finder or a LFG chat channel, ArenaNet has made sure you’ll get bored with their game if you like to run dungeons.

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