Guild Wars 2: 5 reasons you’re bored – Reason 3

by manylaughs on March 1, 2013

3. You’re bored with the grind.

Remember when ArenaNet promised there wouldn’t be grind in Guild Wars 2?

Colin Johanson, Guild Wars 2 lead content developer, says in the video above, “We just don’t want players to grind.” Mike O’Brien, the executive producer of GW2 and also the president of ArenaNet, in the April 27th, 2010, Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto, said, “GW2 doesn’t fall into the traps of traditional MMORPGs… and force you onto a grinding treadmill…”

Well, they kinda fibbed, didn’t they? There’s a grind for mats for legendary weapons, a grind for gold (Hey, that cultural armor is expensive.), a grind for laurels (Now, you have to do your dailies and monthlies.), and a grind for ascended gear (Hope you like the Fractals of the Mists and don’t forget those new guild quests.).

Each month ArenaNet seems to add another grind element to the game. Guild Wars 2 didn’t fall into the grind trap of the traditional MMORPG, it reinvented the trap. Most MMOs only  have a couple of grind elements; GW2 just keeps piling them on.

When you think about it, you’re spending so much time grinding, you’re not really playing the game your way, anymore, you’re playing it ArenaNet’s way. If you want this great gear – and who doesn’t? – you gotta grind for it.

No wonder you’re bored.

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