Guild Wars 2: 5 reasons you’re bored – Reason 2

by manylaughs on February 26, 2013

2. You’re bored with SPvP

Guild Wars 2 has some of the best PvP (player versus player) – or SPvP (structure PvP), to use ArenaNet’s terminology – in all of MMOs. The maps are fun. The classes are better balanced than any other MMO. And no one can out-grind you for armor: Everyone has access to the same armor, weapons and skill sets. So you only get face stomped by players and teams who are better than you, not those who can spend more time in the game.

So why are you bored with it?

Plain and simple – SPvP doesn’t mean a thing. PvPing doesn’t benefit you character in the slightest. There’s no gold, no XP (experience), no loot, no laurels, and no ultra-special armor you can wear around Lion’s Arch. Unless you’re a hardcore PvPer, you grew bored with PvP so fast, you probably gave up on it months ago.

And that’s another problem. SPvP could keep people playing, once the PvE gets old. Nothing spices things up like a little combat against real humans. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t mean anything to the development of your character, if you can’t even get some awesome armor for doing it, chances are good you’re not going to bother.

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