Diablo III: An inauspicous beginning

by manylaughs on May 16, 2012

So you might have thought after last night’s problems, you’d finally be able to play Diablo III for a bit, tonight. Wrong!

I was online, merrily leveling my demon hunter, when people in general chat started complaining about lag. Great, I thought, lag in a single-player game. I just sighed and went back to slaying mobs and working my way to the Skeleton King. Then I got disconnected. Then I got the dreaded error 37 when I tried to log, again.

Breaking news: We are currently addressing an issue with the Battle.net service. Blah, blah, blah. Screw you. Oh, and thanks for the cash, chumps.

Yes, once again, the Battle.net servers are offline. We’d all be a little more patient about this if it was a full-blown MMO going through its initial launch, but it’s not. Diablo III is a single-player game with some nice multi-player options. The one-and-only reason all the gamer chumps – like me – are playing it through Battle.net – i.e. constant online connection – is so Blizzard could enforce their DRM (digital rights management).

If Blizzard is going to enforce DRM on a single-player game, maybe they should get their act together so peeps can play their game.

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