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by manylaughs on May 17, 2012

Oscar Wilde

Photograph by Napoleon Sarony

Oscar Wilde once said, “A true friend stabs you in the front.”*

I love that quote. I use it a lot in my gaming profiles. It’s the perfect quote for the type of game play I enjoy: I tend to play a lot of melee dps, usually stealth classes, and I love myself some PvP, sooooo…

We can’t all be Oscar Wilde, but sometimes we all have our moments of wit and sometimes I do, too.

Is that hard to believe after reading this blog? Hmm. Maybe it is. Well, too bad.

Occasionally, I’ll post some random bit of wit. At least, what I think is wit. In the future, I’ll post these without comment… Well, from me, anyway. 😉

Here’s the first one (Also a good gaming quote.):

There’s a point where persistence gives way to stupidity.
– manylaughs

*It’s widely attributed to him, anyway. If he’s not going to claim it, I’m not above doing it.

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