The Holy Trinity: The roles

by manylaughs on April 23, 2013

The Holy Trinity in gaming is the tank, healer, and DPS model. It is the basic gaming model for the vast majority of MMOs. In many cases, they might seem, or even pretend, not to follow this model, but vast majority of MMOs are essentially slaves to this model. The Holy Trinity requires each class in the game to fulfill one of the classic roles – tank, healer or DPS.

Depending on your class, you fall into a specific role with a very specific job.

The Tank: Tanks are required to hold aggro, i.e. hold the attention of the mobs and bosses. This is usually done with a skill that makes monsters their attacks on you.

The Healer: The healer is required to heal the tank. It’s secondary duty is to heal others, but the primary and most important duty of the healer is to keep the tank alive.

DPS: The DPS pumps out damage, lots of damage.

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