Felicia Day: The World’s Most Beautiful Geek Gurl

by manylaughs on April 25, 2013

Dragon Age is a copyright of EA and BioWare (really EA), and we believe Felicia Day holds the right to Felicia Day.


Today, as you surely heard, People bestowed upon Gwyneth Paltrow the title of The World’s Most Beautiful Woman. That’s cool. Good for Gwyneth. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. But… Most gamers probably disagree.

With that in mind, the vast team of experts here at manylaughs, after a long, exhaustive 5-minute search have chosen the first-ever World’s Most Beautiful Geek Gurl. A beautiful geek girl is more than just a beauty, a least the bleach blond beauties the entertainment industry gravitates to.

A beautiful geek gurl is clever, with a wit that bites like a nine-tailed whip. Vacuous smiles are not part of the repertoire, here, not with this type of beauty.  Nope, smirking, frowning and withering stares are the stock-in-trade of the most beautiful geek gurls. In fact, if she’s smiling there’s a good chance it’s game over – for you, at least.

A beautiful geek gurl doesn’t have to tell us about how she wants to feed the starving children or bring peace to the world. All she has to do is shout something like, “Pwned you, bitches!”, and our hearts are with her.

Yeps, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder… So without further fuss, the team at manylaughs chooses Felicia Day as The World’s Most Beautiful Geek Gurl.

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