Remember Me: Capcom’s marketing sucks

by manylaughs on May 29, 2013

What does it say about a game when you search for it on Google and you can’t find its web site?



What does it say about a game when you go to the website of the company that’s suppose to market the game and you can’t even find the game on their freakin’ site?!


Remember Me is a game with a lot of buzz and it’s releasing very soon, on June 4th to be precise. But for some reason Capcom isn’t marketing this game, at all. The game doesn’t even warrant its own website?! If you’re looking for it its here, buried deep in the Capcom website.

Will it suck? Is that why Capcom isn’t marketing it? Or maybe Capcom’s marketing just sucks. For now, we’ll go with the latter.

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