Neverwinter: No, it’s not open beta

by manylaughs on June 1, 2013



If you’ve been playing Neverwinter for a bit, you might actually think the game is in open-beta as the Perfect World people would have you believe. After all, it’s a buggy mess so it must be in open beta, right?

Nope. A preponderance of coding crap does not make a game open beta even if the developers and publisher are telling you it is.

Neverwinter is in release, no matter what Perfect World wants you to believe. They’ve taken money from the people who bought the collecters/founders editions of the game. They gave those people their head start. There will be no further character wipes. They’ve opened their cash store and they’ve begun taking their players money. 

Call it open beta or super-secret open beta or fairy magic open beta. Call it the Fourth of July. Call it what you want, but the fact remains, Neverwinter is released. It might be crap, but it’s still in release.

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