ESO: The emote contest – weak marketing

by manylaughs on September 3, 2013

The developers at The Elder Scrolls Online needs your help: They need a new emote.

Yeah, kinda weak, isn’t it? The developers don’t really need your help, it’s just a little something to keep the fanbase busy.

This shouldn’t be taken as any kind of indication of the quality of the game, it’s really more an indication of the quality of the marketing team. Coming up with an emote to add to ESO already long list of existing emotes, doesn’t exactly make you feel like you’re adding to the development process. It feels more like the marketing department is running low on ideas to keep their player base excited until the game comes out.

Sure coming up with a new emote might be fun, but when you compare it to the EverQuest Next Round Table it just seems like a weak attempt to keep up interest in their game. The complete list of existing emotes is below. If you want to know more about the contest, you can find out more, here.

/angry /cuckoo /handtoheart /pointdown /situps
/annoyed /curtsey /headache /pointleft /sleep
/applaud /dance /headscratch /pointright /stagger
/approve /dancedrunk /heartbroken /pointup /stop
/armscrossed /disapprove /hello /poke /stretch
/beckon /disgust /huh /pour /surprised
/beg /dismiss /humble /pray /surrender
/beggar /doom /impatient /preen /tap
/bestowblessing /downcast /jumpingjacks /push /taunt
/bless /drink /kiss /pushup /thank
/blowkiss /drum /kneel /pushups /thanks
/boo /drunk /kneelpray /rally /thankyou
/bored /dustoff /knock /ritual /threaten
/bow /eat /kowtow /rubhands /thumbsdown
/breathless /exasperated /laugh /rude /thumbsup
/brushoff /facepalm /leanback /saluteloop /tilt
/bucketsplash /faint /leanside /scared /torch
/celebrate /fistpump /leaveme /scratch /touch
/cheer /flirt /lol /search /twiddle
/clap /flute /lute /shakefist /wagfinger
/cold /followme /me /shh /wand
/come /goaway /no /shieldeyes /wave
/comehere /grats /nod /shout /welcome
/confused /greet /overhere /shovel /whisper
/congrats /hail /payme /shrug /whistle
/congratulate /hammer /phew /sick /write
/controlrod /hammerlow /playdead /sigh /yawn
/cower /hammerwall /point /sit /yes
/crouch /handsonhips /pointback /sitchair /you


The grand prize winner will be chosen on Friday, October 11th, along with three runners-up.


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