GW2: SAB returns – chases away more players

by manylaughs on September 6, 2013


Are you bored with Guild Wars 2? If the numbers lining up to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are any sort of indication, a lot of people are and they’re looking for something new. Even if you’re still playing the game, you know it’s gotten stale, don’t you?

You see the same people around. You do the same dailies so you can get them over quickly. Bet you can do your daily in about 10 minutes, now. Do you even play the trading post, anymore? Do you grind dungeons for gear? Do you bother with World versus World? PvP? If it all seems like a grind, you’re right, it is. It seems that way to a lot of people.

The good folks at ArenaNet feel your pain. And they’re taking steps to make the game more fun. Yay!

No. You don’t believe it?

Why else would they have dragged out Super Adventure Box, again? After all, it was so successful the first time, wasn’t it? Well, for about half of the community. The other half… not so much.

[Guild Wars 2: Is SAB messing with your immersion?]

You know what would be a good idea at this point? They should just abandon Guild Wars 2 altogether and make it an 8-bit-knock-off MMO. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

No? Guess you don’t like Super Adventure Box.

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