GW2: Guild Wars 2 hit by DDOS attack

by manylaughs on January 1, 2014

Guild Wars 2 servers and the website went offline for about an hour on New Year’s Eve. A group or individuals known as DerpTrolling has claimed responsibility for what was most likely a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDOS). The GW2 ArenaNet team quickly fixed the issue and the servers were back up, again, within an hour and players were able to work on their monthlies and dailies, again, and simply enjoy their MMO.

DerpTrolling has recently gained a small bit of Warholian fame by reputedly bringing down gaming servers in other MMOs such as APB (Does anyone actually play that game?), League of Legends, EVE, World of Tanks (Really?), as well as Electronic Art’s website and a few twitch TV channels they took umbrage to.

Thanks to the ArenaNet team for getting Guild Wars 2 back online so quickly and letting gamers do what they like to do – gaming.

The person or persons behind DerpTrolling should enjoy their 15 minutes. It’s not likely to last.

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