GW2: Going for a thousand gold

by manylaughs on January 2, 2014

Recently, I went back over a hundred gold. When I came back to Guild Wars 2, a few months ago, I had plenty of gold in my bank, about 170 gold, but I spent it all on Black Lion keys (Not worth it, by the way.). I was down as low as 10 gold at one point. But if there’s one thing I think I know how to do in GW2, it’s play the trading post. It wasn’t too hard for me to get back over 100, again.

In the past, I’ve spent my gold on gems and bought stuff, so I’ve never amassed more that 170 gold, before. However, in order to buy a precursor and other premier items, it takes a lot of gold, so I’ve decided it might be worthwhile to see if I can reach 1000 gold.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll get started.

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