GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Gathering

by manylaughs on January 15, 2014


I gather all the time, but I do my gathering in the course of playing the game. If I’m waiting for a party to show up, I’ll run around and gather nodes. If I’m running through a zone, doing events, I’ll gather nodes as I move from one place to the next. If I’m doing the world boss train, and I spot a rich vein or an orichalcum node, it only takes a moment to gather it.

That’s how I gather. It’s part of my game. It’s pretty rare that I specifically go out with the goal of gathering mats. I’m sure more than a few people spend tons of just gathering. More power to them. Since just about every mat in the game is worth selling, if you have the tolerance and time for it, go gather. It’s bound to make you some money. You can even farm a little while you do it.

I prefer to not make gathering some new grind activity and just do it as I move along or I get the chance.

Do you only gather to complete the daily achievement requirement? That’s entirely up to you. How much you gather is a function of how much you can tolerate it. However, one way of looking at it, is that every mat you gather is a free mat, once less mat you have to buy off the auction house.

But you don’t have to gather at all, to be honest. You can buy all your mats off the trading post, and chances are you’ll still make money.

Today’s starting total. As Treahearne would say, “Moving on.”

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