GW2: Going for 1000 gold – 400!

by manylaughs on January 27, 2014

I hit 400 gold, today. I’ve done this through nothing more exotic than steady buying and selling. I didn’t get any super special items (Well, I did get two mini toxic kraits, but I haven’t sold those, yet, so they don’t count.) nor did I sell anything special that’s in my collection. It was just simple crafting of runes, sigils, bags and damask, then selling those things on the trading post.

Yeah, the insane price of damask helps a lot, but there’s always going to be something on the market that’s delivering profits way out of proportion to what it should. Your job is to keep making money doing what you know and to be ready to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities when they arise.

Have I mentioned that anyone can do this?


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