GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Don’t panic.

by manylaughs on January 30, 2014

Don’t panic.

It was good advice in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy* and it’s good advice if you want to be successful making money either on the Guild Wars 2 trading post or real life.

My total is down, today, because I have a lot of things on the market that didn’t sell. Because I know my market and what’s a fair price for what I’ve listed, I know most of these things will sell, eventually. In fact, if you’ll pardon me for ruin the suspense, everything did eventually sold, today, bringing my total back in line. I just needed to be patient and not panic. Or as the British are fond of saying, “Stay calm and carry on.”

The exceptions were the two Super Sigils of Torment. I think people are dumping their sigils, now, so I decided to relist them.

Relisting is a very serious move, because you pay twice to put something back on the market. Remember the Black Lion Trading Company takes 5% upfront for anything you list. List it twice, you pay twice. So if you’re going to relist something, put it up for a price that will make it sell. Don’t screw around undercutting someone by a copper; someone else will just come along and undercut you by a copper and you might end up having to relist it, again. That would suck.

My starting total, today, was down.

*You haven’t read it? You should. Sorry, no bloody weddings, just a funny, brilliantly written book.

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