GW2: Going for 1000 gold – What to invest in, now.

by manylaughs on January 30, 2014

Too cute to sell?

I bought a moa. Specifically a Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa. It’s an exotic mini you can get only from the current Guild Wars 2 event, The Origins of MadnessAt this point, you know what I think of event-specific items, such as skins, recipes or mini – they’re usually good investments.

The moa cost me 11 gold 50 silver, which is a bit more than I usually like spending for an “investment”, but it’s something I think I can afford, now, with my bank standing at around 400 gold. You should never bankrupt yourself for an investment. As a general rule, when you invest in something never spend more than 10% of your gold. Keep a good balance on hand so you can buy and sell things, keeping your stack of gold growing at a steady pace.

With that in mind, here’s a list of items from this event that would probably be a good investment, now:

  • Any of the Zealot recipes. These vary a lot in price. In particular, try to pick up insignias and inscriptions, if they’re affordable for you, because they’re needed to make any Zealot item.
  • Any of the Keeper’s ascended recipes, again, only if you can afford them.
  • The Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa.

I wouldn’t recommend any of the wurm event items. The stats aren’t especially beneficial on the ring or the amulet you can get from the wurms, and the one mini, the Mini Cobalt Great Jungle Wurm Head… Well, you can’t afford it. There are only two of them on the trading post and the lowest priced one is 1900 gold. If you have 1900 gold, maybe you’re just reading this for my keen wit. : )

There’s something of a growing list of items from The Origins of Madness in the wiki, here.


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