GW2: Going for 1000 gold – A marionette tip

by manylaughs on February 7, 2014

At this point, you should be doing the marionette event as much as you can or you can stand (I totally get if something gets boring.). I would say I’ve been grinding this event, but I’ve been doing it more than most. I just like it. For me, it’s fun, and it’s reap some nice rewards for me – several exotic recipes, a few ascended recipes and two more Mini Twisted Watchwork Moas. I’ll sell two of the moas, later, after the even when they’re likely to go up in price more.

There’s no doubt, though, that this event is starting to lose interest, so it might be getting hard to do on your server. If that’s the case, guest on Blackgate. Blackgate is a full server and even when I’ve ended up in overflow guesting on Blackgate, I’ve been with a lot of people.

I’m comfortably over 500 gold, now.

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