GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Why aren’t you rich?

by manylaughs on February 8, 2014

Why aren’t you rich?

When you think about it, the ArenaNet gods certainly throw enough wealth at you.  Just about everything you do in their game gets you loot and coin. Whether it’s jumping puzzles, killing lords or leveling up in WvW (World versus World), running dungeons, or just following one of the boss trains, you’re probably pulling in at least one gold and opening 3 or 4 chests ever day.

So you’re making a nice bit of coin just playing the game and your expenses really aren’t that great – it costs a few silver to travel around every day, but aside from that there’s not a whole lot that’s a constant drain on your coin. Yeah, sometimes you have to repair your armor, but that’s no big deal, either – just a few silver, at most.

So why aren’t you rich? That gold should just pile up every day, right?

We could point to lots of things. Maybe you’re a horder, and you’re just not selling stuff. Maybe you’re not taking advantage of loot from special events or even doing the boss train. Maybe you’re in the habit of buying high and selling low.

All those things can be a drain on your gold and stop you from getting rich, but they’re not the real problem are they?

Nopes. We all know what the real problem is, the real reason why most of the players in Guild Wars 2 aren’t rich. Temptation.

Let’s face it, almost everything we want, everything we really desire, in GW2 is crazy expensive. The Lovestruck Weapon skins, for instance, are between 60-70 gold. All the cool minis are a minimum of 10 gold and some of the really rare ones around over a 100 gold. Want ascended gear? The recipes, alone, are 3 gold, so a full set of ascended armor will cost you 18 gold just for the recipes. And legendaries? Simply insane. Got an extra couple thousand gold? Because that’s what legendaries cost.

As with most gods, ArenaNet is fickle. They shower us with riches every day, but then tempt us with beautiful, cool, awesome things we just have to have. And there goes our gold.

And that’s why you’re not rich. It’s really not a mystery, is it?

But as you’ve seen, if you play the trading post a little, you can certainly get rich. And when you’re rich you’ll have money you can spend on all that cool stuff.



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