GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Cruising on autopilot

by manylaughs on February 14, 2014

My total is up, again, and a nice little bump from yesterday. Nothing strange about that, except I didn’t do much on the trade post, yesterday. Yes, I made some runes, a few bags, and my damask – all nice sellers – but I certainly didn’t do as much as I usually do.

So how did I wind up with more gold? I had a lot of trading post stuff that I had put up on other days sell. That’s pretty nice when you’re making gold and not even trying.

One of the things I’ve found about having this much gold is I don’t worry too much, anymore, if something doesn’t sell. As I’ve said, eventually pretty much everything on the trading post will sell. It might take a while, but eventually it sells. Now, I don’t have to worry if things don’t sell, because I know I’ll have days like yesterday when all of a sudden things do sell.

Having this much gold takes a lot of stress out of playing the trading post.

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