GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Agent of Entropy

by manylaughs on February 15, 2014


Crafting gives me achievement points. It gives me lots of achievement points.

Every day I get 8 to 12 achievement points salvaging things. Every 200 salvaged items give you an Agent of Entropy achievement worth 2 achievement points. That’s right, I regularly salvage 1000 items every day.Those achievement points are sweet because they lead to achievement chests which give you gold, laurels, and loot, plus permanently buff the amount of earned karma and gold you earn.

I’m mostly getting hides and rags in bulk, and salvaging them for the mats I need to make bags and other things, but I salvage pretty much every drop I get, too. If it’s not exotic, I salvage it. I need the ecto from rares, so that’s why I don’t sell them.

Hint: Don’t sell your rares, salvage them.

Rare armor and weapons are worth about 26 silver on the auction house. An Glob of Ectoplasm is worth about 32 silver. If you salvage your rares, you can get between zero and 3 ectos, plus a mat and possibly the rune or sigil in the item. Sure, sometimes you just get the mat, but for the most part that’s offset by the ectos, mat, runes and sigils you salvage.

I didn’t quite make 600 gold, yesterday. I have admit I converted a little gold to gems so I could buy a Black Lion key. I did say  I was an addict, right? I didn’t get anything, of course. : )



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