GW2: Going for 1000 gold – 600 gold and a little PvP

by manylaughs on February 16, 2014

I’m at 600 gold, now. A little less than 50 days, so a little more than 10 gold a day.

I’ve been PvP a bit more, recently. I like PvP, but there’s been little point in doing it, since it didn’t directly attribute to your character’s growth.

That might be changing. If you missed it, ArenaNet is phasing out glory as a currency. One of the things they mentioned caught my eye was this statement: “Players will be able to earn gear in PvP that can be carried over to PvE and vice versa.” While it still doesn’t seem to be entirely clear, I’m hoping this means they’re going to let us take our existing PvP gear into PvE once glory is eliminated. I could see where the runes wouldn’t transfer – everyone would just go to PvP, now, and load up on free Traveler runes – but it seems that gear should.

So I’m grinding PvP a little for to get one of the Crucible of Eternity armor set you can get from the glory vendor. I like it. In spite of what defensive PvPers will tell you, PvP isn’t an especially good way to make gold. I don’t expect this to affect my gold total much, though: most of my gold comes from the trading post.



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