GW2: The ESO Factor

by manylaughs on April 1, 2014

There’s a good chance a lot of you have left Guild Wars 2 and you’re off playing The Elder Scrolls Online. After all, the living world events have ended – good timing, well, maybe bad, on the part of ArenaNet – and unless you’re into WvW (World versus World) you might feel like there’s not a whole lot to do. So you’ve probably packed your bags and decided to try the new game.

That’s fine. Have fun. New MMOs are always exciting and ESO looks like a very different MMO. It might be a great game.

But here’s what you know – Guild Wars 2 is already a great game. Yes, in spite of all its zerg-fest, loot-frenzy faults, you have to admit it’s a pretty good game. And the Living World updates usually give it a sense of freshness. That renewed freshness and the fact that GW2 is basically free-to-play probably means you’ll be back. Face it. You know it’s true.

With that in mind, I’d recommend doing two things while you’re away play ESO:

1. Do your dailies.
They get you laurels, a bit of silver, and sometimes a sweet surprise. They take like 10 minutes, so why not?

2. Make any time-gated mats.
This one is probably more important than the dailies. Those time-gated mats are needed to make endgame mats. When you come back, you’ll want them.

Now, go have fun in Skyrim Online… Er, I mean The Elder Scrolls Online.

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