GW2: How to make 1000 gold – How to spot an asshole

by manylaughs on April 3, 2014

Wall Street isn’t the only place percolating with assholes. Let’s face it, they can pop up anywhere – at work, at school, your local coffee house, and, of course, they seem to be in every car sharing the road with you. You might be sitting next to one, right now. You never know. They just seem to be everywhere.

Sad to say, but they’re even in Guild Wars 2, and just like Wall Street assholes, some of them try to manipulate the trading post.

A popular asshole move is to try to push down the price of an item far below what it should be selling for. What the asshole in question is hoping for is that people will just come along and post their mats at a matching price, so said asshole can then buy the item in bulk at the lower price. This happens mostly with mats people buy in bulk, such as Mithril Ore or Soft Wood Log.

Here’s an example:

Notice Mithril Ore should be trading around 1 silver, but some asshole posted a small lot of 135 for 78 copper, trying to drive down the price. This person posted just enough lots to drive down the price, hoping people would just match the price of his* lots when they come along to post their Mithril Ore for sale.

If the price of something seems too low, it probably is. Check the buy orders, if you’re suspicious.

Don’t fall for this. Just buy up his lots. Fuck him. Then resell them. You end up making a little money, and he’s out the Mithril Ore for being an asshole. Justice prevails in Guild Wars 2.

*Yeah, it’s a bit sexist to assume it’s a guy, but let’s face it, it’s almost certainly a guy.